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CWV 700 water chiller

CWV 700 water chiller Vista Interior 1 Vista Interior 2
CWV 700 water chiller Vista Interior 1 Vista Interior 2
Reference: CWV 700
This model has a cooling capacity of 702.9 kW.
Model equipped with:

- Rotary or spiral hermetic compressors
- R134A ecological refrigerant gas
- Brazed plate evaporator
- Finned aluminum microchannel capacitors
- Electric fans with stepless speed control
- Microprocessor controller
- Ventilated control panel
- Inertial Collection Tank
- Hydraulic pump (P3)
- Stainless-steel condenser filters
- Water filter and closing valves

Refrigerant circuit:

Manufactured in accordance with the PED directive 2014/68 / EU
electronic expansion valve
refrigerant solenoid valve
Sight Glass Flow Indicator
High and low pressure switches.
High and low pressure transducers.
refrigerant gauges

Hydraulic circuit:

Standard models are equipped with a shell and tube evaporator without pump
Pumps are available as an option (P2 and P3)
Temperature probe for set point control
Able to work with mixtures up to 30% ethylene glycol.

Características CWV series

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