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EC axial fan - HyBlade A3G300-AN02-01

EC axial fan - HyBlade A3G300-AN02-01
Reference: A3G300-AN02-01
Technical description
Weight 2kg
fan size 300mm
blade material Pressed sheet steel part, sprayed with PP plastic
Number of blades 5
Airflow direction "V"
rotation direction Counterclockwise, viewed towards the rotor
Degree of protection IP54
Insulation class "SECOND"
Protection class against moisture (F) / Environment (H) H1
Max. allowed ambient temperature. for motor (transport / storage) +80°C
Min. ambient temperature allowed. for motor (transport / storage) - 40 °C
installation position Some
Condensation Drain Holes None, open rotor
Cooling hole / opening On the rotor side
Mode S1
motor bearing Ball bearing
Technical characteristics - Speed ​​adjustment input (230V) - Power limit - Motor current limit - Soft start - Overvoltage detection - Thermal overload protection for electronics / motor - Line undervoltage detection
speed levels 2
Contact current according to IEC 60990 (measuring circuit Fig. 4, TN system) <= 3.5mA
engine protection Electronic engine protection
With cable Variable
protection class I (with customer connection of protective earth)
Compliance with standards
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Flujo de aire 50 Hz



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