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SCALA SPLIT 600 Ice machine

SCALA SPLIT 600 Ice machine
Reference: SCALA S 600
ITV Ice Makers
Ice generator WITHOUT CONDITIONING UNIT SCALA 400 version with a flake ice production of 400 kg in 24 hours.

SCALA industrial range machine (without condensing unit) to produce flat, very fine and dry flake ice. Safe and cost-effective option for cooling perishable foods, such as fish. It has the option of dosing salt to increase the thickness of the scale.

The combination of simplicity, functionality and price makes the SCALA machine worthy of a recognized prestige in the world of refrigeration equipment, making it the best flake ice machine you can find.

The interior of this reliable industrial flake machine has a functional design, based on a static cylindrical without rotating joints and with a cutter that slices the ice without stress or effort. These machines have low maintenance and a long durability, because they have been manufactured with non-corrosive, lightweight and highly resistant materials. The cylindrical shaped design of the Helical Reamer makes it the most compact high capacity flaker on the market.

Main features: Electronic shutdown system- Electrical regulation panel- Direct attack gear motor- Submerged pump- Water shortage security- Evaporator Stainless-steel bench – Expanded polyurethane insulation- Centered bearing – Ice deflector tray – Homogeneous water distributor – Electronic controller to detect reverse rotation of the reducer motor, current peaks or temperature rise due to excess effort in the reducer and warehouse filling.


In Split units we include:

• Ice Generator

• Water Pump

• Distribution panel

• Bench

• Expansion valve

• Liquid solenoid valve

• Electronic ice filling stop mechanism

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Máquina de hielo scala_600_split
Máquina de hielo scala_600_split Máquina de hielo scala_600_split

Máquina para hacer hielo.

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"Hola, me compré una maquina de hielo, me pareció perfecta para comenzar, después de seguir las instrucciones para la puesta en marcha, no funcionaba.
Pero me la cambiaron en cuanto llamé! Muchas gracias!!!"
First name: Alejandra Panizo
Date: 09/03/2016


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