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Copeland D2SA-55X Semi-Hermetic Compressor

Copeland D2SA-55X Semi-Hermetic Compressor
Motor: EWD
Reference: D2SA55X-EWD
Copeland Refrigerant Compressor R-404A, R-507
Model D2SA55X

Datos Técnicos
Mechanical Data
Number of cylinders 2
Displacement @ 50 Hz, cu.m/h 22.4
Bore/Stroke, mm 61.9/42.8
Length/Width, mm 560/330
Height, mm 395
Net Weight, kg 90
Gross Weight, kg 95
Suction, inch 1 1/8

Accessories Included
Oil Pressure Switch OPS2 Sensor
Mounting Springs 4
Accessories Optional
Additional Cooling 70W Vertical Air Flow Fan
Crankcase Heater 70W Internal
Oil Pressure Switch OPS2 Electronic Switch
Unloaded start Available
Adapter Kit For Parallel Operation

Motor Code Power Supply Nominal Voltage Start Connection DOL Connection Amps Factor
EWL 380-420 V/3~/50H 400 Y 1.00
EWL 220-240 V/3~/50H 230 Y/DELTA DELTA 1.73
EWM 380-420 V/3~/50H 400 Y/DELTA DELTA 1.00
TWY 500-550 V/3~/50H 525 DELTA 0.76
EWK 220-240 V/3~/60H 230 Y/DELTA DELTA 2.09
EWK 380-420 V/3~/60H 380 Y 1.26
EWN 250-280 V/3~/60H 265 Y/DELTA DELTA 1.73
EWN 440-480 V/3~/60H 460 Y 1.00
EWD 440-480 V/3~/60H 460 Y/DELTA DELTA 1.00



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